Quotes and Letters from brands and businesses about Litehide

Photo by Maurice Thaler

“From our experience this novel approach and the production of Litehide™ is an innovative product that is not being used elsewhere in the industry.”


“There was no discernable difference between the Litehide™ and conventionally processed crust leather and any variation would be the same as within a tannery normal production pack to pack variation.”


“The test results for the leather were all within industry standards. All the samples were tested for tensile strength and the Litehide™ production was found to be superior to the conventional wet blue. It was confirmed that the direct cost of tanning hides with the Litehide™ process in commercial volume was similar to conventional tanning costs.”

BLC Leather Research Center

“Litehide™ transported in its dry state prevents bacterial and mold growth without needing additional fungicides or anti-mold chemicals. Litehide™ is also an unlikely material for viral transmission due to the low pH and dehydrated nature of the product.”

Leather Research Laboratories