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Leatherteq was incorporated in 2007 after the Inventor of the Litehide™ process, Mr Peter Holicza arrived in Hong Kong looking for investors who could help him bring the technology to the Industry. Mr Desmond Ko saw the potential of this technology and agreed to form Leatherteq BVI Limited to secure the technology and continue research. Seeking out like minded people to compliment the company Mr Adrian K S Li was brought on-board as the first investor and director. Other shareholders soon joined the company and brought further funding and expertise.

The following years saw the process tested and refined with the help of the BLC Leather technology centre in Northampton, UK and the technology patented and trademarked with the help of OYEN WIGGS GREEN & MUTALA LLP Of Vancouver, Canada.

Leatherteq BVI Limited now have a group of advocates, advisors and strategic partners on board and is ready to promote and sell the product Litehide™ as well as license the technology for major players in the meatpacking industry to process and sell Litehide™. We will also be working with Brands and Non-Governmental organizations to promote the use of this environmentally superior technology through the Litehide™ brand.