Licence to print Leather?

Modern Meadow Inc. recently raised $10 million from Horizon Ventures (part of billionaire Li Ka-Shing’s Investment arm) to develop laboratory grown leather to manufacturers of leather goods.

This brings up a lot of interesting questions.

    • Will leather grown in a laboratory be viewed as a premium/ luxury product or more in line with other alternative products such as bonded and PU leather?
    • Not withstanding the amount of time it may take to commercialize such a technology and to gain traction in the manufacturing industries. Would the cost of 3D printed leather be viable or profitable?
    • How is the leather grown already fully finished? is it just skin or is it grown already tanned as stated in an article?
    • Currently takes 1.5 months to grow 1 sq ft of modern meadow hide. The average North American heifer yields 50 sq ft of skin at 36 months. so it would take them 75 months currently to grow the same amount?
    • What is the energy and other costs needed to produce each sq ft.

Here are some articles about Modern Meadow Inc.

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